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Fully Digital Vial-making Machines Manufacturer

32-head Servo Fully-digital Vial-making Machine We have firstly develop 16 head and 32 head servo fully digital vials machine worldwide. The ZP64Cw is a high-speed vial forming machine, perfect for the production of large batches. It has 32 in part A, 22 stations in Part B. 18-head Vertical to horizontal vial making machine.

Loyal is getting great breakthrough on the processing technique of raw materials, automatic assemble process and inspection system etc. The new developed 16 & 32-head servo fully-digital vial-making machines and automatic tube loader have already achieved the advancing technology in this industry in the world. Machines have been exported to United States, Russia, Argentina, Iran, South Korea, India, Egypt and South-Asian countries, and gained good reputation among customers. 

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